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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media marketing is an end-to-end activity that involves managing the social media profiles, analyzing the expectations of the audience, engaging with them and running campaigns accordingly. With help of Social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter as well as Social media tools, we can increase your Business presence online through various activities.

Social Media Marketing – as it insists on, using the social media platforms or websites to promote a product or a service. This is in turn also responsible for getting connected with your target audience to increase your sales, revenue, Brand name and increasing traffic as well. Are you looking for the best Social Media Marketing Services in Pitampura for your business? Continuous Reading…….

Initially, Social Media Marketing started with publishing the activities/work or content online for increasing their sales, getting traffic to their websites or to reach more people. However, nowadays the presence of each Business in Social Media has gone in different ways. It’s too crucial for a Business to understand their presence online, how their performance is there online, engaging with their audience, and as well as tracking their sales needs to be considered. Hence, for an effective reach and defined target audience, there needs to be targeted social media ads/campaigns to be done.

  • Think about your strategy- In terms of what are your goals, which are the platforms to make use of, and what content needs to be put on the website.
  • Planning for the content and Publishing 
  • Engagement 
  • Analysis of your results
  • Make use of Advertising campaigns

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As it says, we are going to discuss here why Social Media Marketing is important and how it impacts your business as well. As per recent studies conducted, around 90% of marketers suggested that Social Media is too important for a Business to run. Let’s look in detail at how Social Media marketing benefits your business.

  • The first and foremost important fact is for every Business there is a set audience that seeks your information, products. There is an opportunity wherein you can share the information and provide values to the people. The choice of opting for the platforms is a must and knowing your audience, their needs will help your business to grow more.
  • Long are the days, the Business was completely offline. Nowadays, online presence is a must that helps to increase your brand awareness and authority of the Business as well.
  • Once the audience comes in, the traffic gets increased. You can make use of Call to Action which redirects to your website, due to which traffic gets increased.
  • Through all the above activities, you will also come to know about the audience in a very detailed way. This tells you of how many people had interacted, reached and engaged about your content.
  • By continuous interaction and engagement, the belief/trust gets built up with the audience and that’s the starting point for your sales.
  • Finally, it’s not all the audience who comes in and buy your products or make use of your services. However, with all the activities, there can be a set of potential buyers making use of your services.


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In general, Social Media Marketing involves activities such as posting content on a day-to-day basis, updating your Blog regarding your product, services etc. This in turn drives engagement with the audience and increasing your profits as well. Let’s look into detail about all the factors that get included in this strategy.

  1. Based on the type of your business, decide what are your Goals in reaching your desired target and how you can achieve them through Social media. Some goals need to be specific that are quite achievable, measurable, timely as well as realistic. Hence, choose the utmost three goals and start going with them.
  2. Since it’s all about the marketing, fixing or deciding on the Marketing objectives helps you in knowing what is achieved, when it is done. Through this, you can determine your objectives with the SMART approach (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound).
  3. The next stage is identifying your potential customers and proceeding with the appropriate engagement. Identifying the target customers involves knowing their age, buyer personas, interests, problems, likes and dislikes. Based on which can target the specific audience.
  4. Analyzing and researching your competitors is a further step that needs to be a part of your Social Media marketing. Look deep into their way of networking, connecting with the people, followers, posts, type of content they post in a day and frequency of their posts.
  5. There are various platforms to focus on. You can start focusing on specific platforms where your defined audience spends time, according to which your primary focus should be.
  6. The next step is creating a content strategy that suits them well and attracting their audience as well. Yes, based on the type of the content, the time of the post and frequency of the post matters. Added to it, even the form of the content as well as the context in the content. Decide your content strategy in a defined way and then proceed further to achieve the desired results.
  7. Based on all your needs and requirements, fix a budget and allocate the resources you needed for strategizing the social media presence. This includes knowing the tools you need for your marketing needs, a timeframe that is required.

And finally if working as a team, make sure you assign and segregate the team based on their responsibilities. By doing this, it will be easier to track the results and keep going forward.

  1. Whats App – 340 Million

  2. Facebook – 320 Million

  3. YouTube – 265 Million

  4. Instagram – 120 Million

  5. Snapchat – 74.35 Million

  6. LinkedIn – 71 Million

  7. Twitter – 18.9 Million

  8. Pinterest – 459 Million (Worldwide)

  9. Telegram – 400 Million (Worldwide)

    (Source: statista, businessofapps, omnicoreagency)


Once set up the appropriate strategy, despite it, few companies face problems and overcoming those challenges is quite difficult at the start. Let’s look in detail at the challenges faced.

  • The strategy is not properly designed through which everything comes to an end. You need to know your desired goals in terms of your Business, costing involved etc. Therefore, most businesses fail to design an effective strategy.
  • Not measuring ROI is the major factor that is seen nowadays. Yes, implementing a few tactics/strategies and not measuring the ROI keeps you on the same page. If you are managing your business online, make sure the investment you have made depends on what’s the return and if something needs to be worked on.
  • The next most important one that needs to be looked at is the followers that go for a toss. Yes, getting followers for your Business seems to be difficult through which the sales get dropped off and the defined audience gets lesser.
  • Most of the time, rather than focusing on organic reach, Businesses go on focusing on paid reach which will not be a fruitful one.
  • The other factors include Time management on your social media activities, posts, content etc. as well as analyzing your performance in Social Media. 

Hence, we are here to solve all these challenges and effectively provide Social Media marketing services in Pitampura or outside Delhi. Get free consultation from our Social Media Marketing experts in Delhi, we will help to Grow your business with SMM.



Here, we have seen in detail the Businesses facing challenges as well as looked into the way how a strategy needs to be defined and go with. At DMagic Media, (Social Media Marketing Agency) we hear your suggestions, ideas and accordingly set a plan, research, work on it and implement the better way of growing your business in Social Media. Below are the ways, through which we can work with pride and passion and help grow your business.

  • Based on your Business Niche and requirements, we run campaigns and focus on certain platforms. Such as Facebook Marketing, Instagram marketing, Twitter and LinkedIn marketing as well.
  • If you wanted to go with more high-quality organic reach as well, we can set a target audience and run paid ads campaigns- Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads as well.

As mentioned above, we tend to research the platforms that are best for you, where you can focus on your audience expectations, understand them, engage with them and get in the results. We are one of the leading Social Media Marketing company in Pitampura, We are not saying but our clients and results speak more about this.


We at DMagic Media as a team work with passion and have a detailed discussion with you. And our strategy of setting your social media presence involves 

  • Extensive Deep Research about the Industry, market trends.
  • Analyzing your competitors, and working more effectively
  • Planning well ahead for your day-to-day activities on defining a strategy.
  • If all goes well, execute the plan and monitor it continuously.
  • Based on this, reporting the outcomes / ROI to you.
  1. First and foremost, it is important to create an effective strategy for content marketing, social media presence. Added to it, creating a community for your targeted audience and engaging with them and setting up a Budget for it.

Yes, it’s possible. You need to create a personal Business account and join relevant groups and list the events you do etc. However, since the audience range will be too broader, going with the defined marketing strategies and ads campaigns helps you better achieve results.

It’s quite simple. You can increase your visibility by visiting other pages in your niche and commenting on their posts. 

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Hence, Make sure having a Social Media Marketing strategy helps you grow your online presence in a better way and explore more and grow more. Our team of experts provides all types of Social Media Marketing Services in Pitampura or outside Delhi for your business with a very effective and convertible strategy.Our client portfolio speaks more than we say. So, for all your needs and solutions for end to end Digital marketing Services, Social Media Marketing Services DMagic Media serves with the utmost care, respect, faster services. We are known for Purpose, Passion and Smart Work.
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