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As it says, managing and constantly monitoring your company’s Brand end to end. When it comes to reputation, it includes several customers looking into how friendly you are, the level of trustworthiness, and the quality of your product or service is also monitored. There are ways in which your Brand is constantly monitored and focused on areas of improvements as well. This is insisted because to maintain a positive impact on your brand online. You have to hire an Online Brand Reputation Management (ORM) Company or not, read the full article.

Most digital marketers do focus on Brand reputation since they understand the value of it and devote much more time and energy to it. Based on your reputation and search results, your Brand gets reflected in Search Engine Results Pages. Hence, it can be summed up as not only managing the content, but also managing the negative reviews, and also encouraging and engaging with the happy clients for more positive outcomes. 

Therefore, you can know how online Brand reputation management needs to be done. This can be done and managed by Paid Media, Earned Media, Social Media as well as your properties. 

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In general, most of the consumers trust online reviews and go with the appropriate brands as per that. Most of the Brands are eager to appear online, however they fail in identifying their product or managing their presence online. Your Brand’s reputation is mainly based on the way it is performing online and customer satisfaction plays a major role in maintaining your reputation. 

And if your Brand reviews are on a reputed website, obviously the ranking and performance of the Brand go higher. However, this matter if you consider this practice an important one and make use of the time. Mostly managing the Brand’s reputation is time-consuming since the need to reply or be engaging with the customer’s positive and negative reviews. But this plays a major impact on your brand presence online.

  • 85% of consumers have trust in the online reviews.
  • 49% needs at least a 4-star rating to go with the product or service.
  • 97% of consumers search online for local businesses.
  • Your Customers read an average of 7 reviews before trusting a business.
  • 73% of consumers trust a local business more after reading their positive reviews.
  • 31% Business says that negative Reviews and content has damaged their business sales.

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Most of the companies leave it as a toss, wherein they see the reputation going down. Hence, understanding the concept in a clearer way will help you and your company in managing the Online Brand’s reputation in a better way. 

  • Understanding what is Brand Reputation Management
  • Need to have a comparison of how your competitors or other Business owners be at the top of Brand reputation
  • Should not think in other way-It’s time consuming
  • Being proactive and make your Marketing priority at the top
  • Get more Positive reviews and understand the importance of Negative reviews.

Therefore, as mentioned above, performing the activities and managing the Brand reputation in an appropriate way helps to reach the Brand to greater heights.


When the days started wherein the Brand’s known the impact of their Brand presence online, more and more people and Businesses emerged online. If you consider every sector, different brands come in. However, the way how you stay unique and manage it and be consistent matters. If your Brand search results needed to be higher, your way of promoting your brand and managing the reputation should be in different ways. The Online Brand reputation is not a case where it is performed in a single platform and it should be overlooked in every possible platform where your Brand is needed. We as a Online Brand Reputation Management (ORM) Company Pitampura Delhi,  will work on your Online Reputation in overall Digital Platforms like:

  • Media Monitoring in a consistent manner
  • We will convert your Negative reviews into Positive.
  • The regular monitoring of your Brand across Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Quora etc .
  • If you are planning for a podcast as well, you need to look into factors such as how different topics you showcase understanding the customer’s needs and requirements.
  • Google Reviews, Content, Testimonial and about you on Google search Engine.
  • Managing all the app notifications and continuous email alerts
  • Monitoring of your Social Media reaches and calculating the views of your post, reach, follow.
  • Linking with influencers or top brands where they talk about your Brand. 

It’s pretty easier to mention the importance of Online Brand Reputation, however managing it every day is time-consuming. However, the time you spend is worth it and can expect fruitful results for your Brand. Without disadvantages or challenges, not a single Business can be there online. Overcoming the challenges requires a strategy and if it is properly managed, will be able to come out of it.

  • More online websites are majorly focusing on reviews alone. You need to be careful in that part since people being online and reading reviews is more than a million. When a customer gets a product or receives a service, even if they are dissatisfied for 20%, that’s going to be an issue. Hence, such minor inconvenience can cause major negative reviews about your Brand. Therefore, segregate the reviews you come across based on the importance, seriousness of it.
  • Added to the reviews site, there are social media networks where people communicate with each other and share their perspectives of each and everything. Rather than going ahead with the theoretical way of showcasing your Brand, can go ahead with Video ads insisting on Visuals. Due to this, the reach will be higher and trust comes in. You can ask your existing customers to share a picture of your products once they receive, how they feel satisfied post using your product.
  • The campaigns you select for Online Brand reputation management should be taken into consideration. If a tool is not properly organized or made use of, you can see a decrease in productivity. 
  • Serving the customers should be taken into consideration in a very important way. Most of the companies have a huge team, however not knowing which person did the one etc can get into a mess. 

Our Company provides you Best ORM Services in Pitampura Delhi or Outside it, Our focus is not money, our focus is customers satisfaction. If you get result definately you will give us more positive vibes and reviews and its matters for us.

Compared to offline news, online news gets spread very faster. Hence, it must be taken care of in a very effective way. Here, at DMagic Media we understand what the people needed from your Brand. By knowing that, identifying the targeted keywords, tapping it and analyzing them in metrics is the best way. As mentioned earlier, your Social Media posts can be tracked through analytics or indicators wherein you come to know about the reach of your posts, views and what kind of reviews comes as well.  

And we also identify the top profiles which are at the top (Influencers), talking about your Brand and according to which we manage and monitor your brand reputation. By doing this, you can see the positive outcomes. We provide you with the best Online Reputation Management Services in Pitampura Delhi or Outside it. 

You need to look into each review provided by the customers and respond, engage with them consistently. By doing this, you can understand your customers’ expectations, fulfil them and keep improving your brand awareness and reputation. As you know, people between 18-35 years are most online and keep browsing social Media. When they do, check on the reviews based on which go ahead with that particular Brand.

Through this review system, you can get feedback from the customers and there are areas of improvement and keep going. It’s not only the positive reviews you need to focus on, even the negative reviews, need to respond and monitor it effectively.

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We as a company work with Passion, Pride and focus on your Brand’s reputation to reach a higher level. We work closely and make sure we get a customized solution for your Brand needs and how to implement it in a very effective way. As a part of the process of Brand reputation, we identify what’s best in the industry and how your Brand values could be taken to the customers. Understanding that and identifying the keywords that can result in its ranking on search engine pages is a good sign. DMagic Media as a Online Brand Reputation Management (ORM) Company Pitampura Delhi focuses and manages your Brand at the Local and Corporate level.


DMagic Media, as the name suggests brings Magic to every client Business by taking the Brand to a higher level. Our strategy of working is thinking out of Box, implementing it and looking for ROI driven outcomes. Added to it, there is a dedicated team of discussion wherein we help you and your Brand come out of that negative reviews and make it a positive one. Additionally, we insist on meeting the clients and having a direct detailed discussion and working based on Data availability and analytical way.
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